This section provides a valuable insights and tools for marketers, helping to analyze data, track campaigns, and optimize marketing strategies.

The Marketers page provides marketers with multiple ways to access and explore valuable information.

  1. Firstly, from the Calls page, you can select any token of interest. By clicking on the token, a pop-up modal appears, offering various options. Choose "Marketer" to navigate to the specific token's marketer profile page.

  2. On the marketer profile page, you will find a chart displaying the token's data. Additionally, a profile card showcases the number of followers in the associated Telegram channel, along with a link to navigate to the channel itself.

  3. The profile card also presents essential details such as the token name, market cap, liquidity, and 24-hour change. Furthermore, there are additional links provided for easy access to etherscan and dexscreener, allowing you to monitor and analyze the token comprehensively.

  4. By interacting with the call table or call flags below the chart, you can click on specific calls to dynamically update the displayed chart, providing further insights into the token's performance across different Telegram channels.

  5. The profile card shows the number of followers that the telegram channel has, and link to navigate to the telegram channel.

You can access the Marketers search page by navigating to the upper right part of the oracleai.app site and clicking on the "Marketers" text. This page allows you to search and explore marketers on the platform.

The page displays cards of Telegram channels, showcasing information such as the 24-hour average multiplier and total calls. Clicking "View" on a specific card will redirect you to the marketer profile page. The marketer search page facilitates searching, sorting, filtering, and ordering of the search results for enhanced user convenience.

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