📠Marketer Search

This page describes about the marketer search for oracleai.app

The marketer search feature assists in locating a marketing channel suitable for various calls, which will display their Calls within a 24-hour period, the Average Multiplier, and the total number of calls per marketer.

To access the marketer search function, simply click on the "Marketers" option in the navigation bar.

Once you have reached the page, you will find a search bar available to locate a specific marketer. Additionally, there are sorting, ordering, and filtering options to further refine your search.

The sorting functionality applies to Calls, 24hr Calls, and Average Multiplier.

The ordering option allows you to arrange the content in either ascending or descending order.

The filtering feature operates similarly to the sorting option, allowing you to filter based on criteria such as Calls, 24hr Calls, and Average Multiplier.

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